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Please tap on the button below to chat to the owner of the keys.

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In an emergency where I am incapacitated, please contact

XYZ Security: 0861 555 555 | A/C 12345

Medical Information

Blood group: O+

Allergies: None

Medical Aid (Yes/No): Yes


Earn money while socialising with your friends.

Should your CMH-branded keyring prompt a friend to mention that they're in the market to buy a car, tap on the button below to become part of the  CMH Business Lead Generator program.

You, and your friend, will share a whopping 5% Spotter's fee when the car is purchased - that is 2.5% each of the value of the car sold!

You will in addition be entered into the Business Lead Generator the Year Competition where one lucky CMH  client  will win an all-expenses paid, weekend getaway at a luxury resort in South Africa.