How to edit the emergency number on the Woza app.

The Woza Panic button App

The Woza app connects residents to a Security Control Room to get help fast in an emergency.

This can be an emergency involving you or an emergency involving someone else.

It is an easy way to get help, wherever you may be - the Controller receives your name & contact details and is  able to see on a map exactly where you are.

You just have to be connected to the Internet (wifi or data) when you activate a panic alert.

When you activate a panic alert, the app does 3 things:

  1. It automatically sends a notification via the Internet to the Security Control Room.
  2. It sends sms notifications to your emergency contacts, alerting them that something might be wrong.
  3. It starts a phone call to the Security Control Room's emergency phone number.

Even if you can't speak, the Control Room will receive a notification that you may be in distress, and responds appropriately.

If you can speak, you will tell the Controller what the problem is and the appropriate action will be taken to assist you.

How to trigger a panic alert

There are 2 ways to trigger a panic alert t the moment.

  1. Press the big round Woza panic button on the app, or
  2. if you enabled shake-to-activate under Settings, give the app a hard shake and it will open and start the 20 second countdown. When it reaches zero, a panic alert is activated as described above. 

Voice Commands as a trigger

We are investigating the possibility of introducing a way for you to alert the Control Room by just shouting a command (like HELP!) - this would become a third way of triggering a panic alert, useful in situations where you may not be able to reach your phone!

Any questions, please just ask me on whatsapp 0824993552. Thanks, Paul.

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