We all have our favourite service providers.

Our favourite plumber, our favourite handyman...

And we think of them as favourites for a reason: they did some work for us in the past, and they did it exceptionally well. We would use them again. And we would recommend them without hesitation.

Now imagine a directory of service providers for your suburb made up entirely of people's favourite service providers!

The Bottom Line

  • You are being offered a free panic button app for the rest of 2021, and possibly beyond.
  • It is an app with multiple features to combat (rising!) crime levels,
  • a second 'panic button' on the app connects you to a Directory of Favorites (to assist 'deserving' service providers that you have used in the past, whose service levels were excellent).

How the panic button app works: 

  • The panic button connects to your own security company Control Room (or any other "emergency" phone number)
  • On activation of a panic the app automatically calls the emergency number specified by you.
  • At the same time, 5 other people (also specified by you) are alerted by sms messages. These sms messages include a link that make it possible to track users in real time.
  • There are other non-emergency features, including the ability to report crimes you witness or hear about, and have those reports automatically distributed to other users, who choose to receive them.

If you submit the online application form on the next screen, we will immediately send you, and the members of your family that you specify in the online form, an sms with a link enabling you to download the Woza panic button app which can be installed immediately, at no cost - simply complete and submit the online form.

How does the directory  on the app work? Tap on the buy local button in the image below: