Dear [Your Client's Name].

Should you need anything at all from RE/MAX, please just tap on the logo below to chat with me. 

Please do ensure that your ICE and Medical details are kept up to date - any changes please just let me know and I will arrange to have them changed for you.

I look forward to continuing to service  your property needs into the future.

Warm regards,

[Your Name]

These keys belong to Robin Bortz 

Tap on the button below to chat with Robin if you have found them.

Thank you!


In an emergency where I am incapacitated, please inform my next-of-kin urgently. Contacts listed below:

N-O-K 1: tap HERE or call 082555555

N-O-K 2: tap HERE or call: 083555555

My Medical Information

Blood group: O+

Allergies: None

Chronic Medication: None

Medical Aid Name: Discovery Medical Aid

Account Number: 123456


Do you know someone interested in buying or selling a home?

Refer them to us and RE/MAX will reward both you and your friend. You will share a whopping 15% Spotters Fee between you if and when the deal is finalised - that is 10% of the nett commission earned by the RE/MAX agent!

Tap on the button below to submit a lead.


Keep a record of all your home-related financial improvements & maintenance expenses safely in the cloud for easy reference when you sell. In your very own digital vault, safe behind your Username & Password .

Use the digital vault for all other important documentation, for example Vehicles finance, service history, insurance claims etc., even your will!

Just tap on the button to upload your documents.

Continued from the Whatsapp message ...

By giving your client something they find really useful - the ICE and medical emergency features and the digital vault feature for property-related documentation, you create a long-lasting relationship with this client. The gift objective is achieved.

Mechanics of the Product

You buy the client the first 12 months subscription only; cost to RE/MAX: R125 per taglink. That is the cost of the Welcome Gift.

You inform the client that in a year’s time, clients will be asked by Taglinks to renew their subscriptions @ R125 per annum. 

They are very likely to do so because of the ICE & Medical info benefits, and especially if they have made use of the Digital Vault functionality (which you will have populated with some basic documentation on their behalf before giving them the taglink).

For the ensuinig years, RE/MAX gets the benefit of exposure on the taglinks for free, plus you have the opportunity of checking once a year that basic contact/medical details have not changed, thus maintaining your relationship with the client.

You would activate a tag for a client by scanning it, typing in the client's name, and uploading some basic documentation into the digital vault - possibly the offer to purchase, various notices sent to the client previously.

When the client receives the taglink, they will also scan the tag , complete the relevant fields on their profile and set up their security credentials for the digital vault.