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In an emergency where I am incapacitated, please contact

XYZ Security: 0861 555 555 | A/C 12345 to get next-of-kin contact names and numbers. 

Roadside assistance

Name of Roadside Assistance service provider:

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Medical Information

Blood group: 


Chronic medical condition:

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The Shell V+ Rewards Program

When your friends notice your Shell smart keyring in any social setting, tell them about the benefits you enjoy:

By simply scanning the QR code on the taglink, a finder of your key connects immediately with you on Whatsapp to arrange for the return of the keys (huge saving - keys are very expensive!);

If you are involved in an accident, your next-of-kin contact details are obtainable from your security company, who will treat the incident as an emergency in accordance with their emergency response protocols;

Critical medical information (including medical aid status) is also made available at the scene of the incident.

Become a member of the Whatsappngroup and Shell will invite your friend/family member to collect a Sunny Shell-branded smart keyring & license disc prepaid for 12 months by Sunny Shell!

That's all on top of the real cash benefits of the Shell V+ Rewards program!