Hello Service Providers

Nobody likes to be harassed. So won't harass you.

The sms you received is a once-off invitation to join the WhatsapPA Services Directory for Joburg North-Western Suburbs. Until the end of January 2021 only those who accept this invitation this week will be listed.

Please respond by close of business on Friday 6th November.

How it works:

Someone, who is watching whatsapp groups anyway, sees a request for a service provider.  They are able to automatically fire off a volley of sms messages at the same time: one sms back to the resident, showing the contact details of all the service providers, and one to each of the listed service providers in that category.

There are 32 categories, with one or more service providers per category (depending on who has been recommended on whatsapp groups in the past).


R50 per month, plus 5% of the total amount earned from leads supplied by WhatsapPA.

To register, please EFT R150 (for November, December, January) into the bank account below using your phone number as the reference, and send proof of payment (screenshot is fine) of your deposit to the whatsapp number 0824993552.

Belowis a typical response to the WhatsapPA service:

Hello Admins!

Thank you for responding to the above invitation. The WhatsapPA system enables you as a Whatsapp Group Admin to earn some money to compensate you for the time you spend on the group. There are two ways you can participate as an Admin.

The first simply involves you adding a "WhatsapPA" to your whatsapp group by simply adding "Amanda" (and her number 0824993552) to the whatsapp group(s) that you control. Amanda will be responsible for creating the Business Directory for your area, and then monitoring the group for service provider requests, as a normal member of the group. You would not earn anything for yourself, but would be able to offer your group all the benefits of the WhatsapPA system.

The second option is more hands-on and rewarding. You will  earn 50% of gross monthly income received from participating service providers for performing the following functions as the WhatsapPA:

1. You would be responsible for signing up the Service Providers (SP)  across all the types supported by WhatsapPA in your area and then keeping your directory up to date.

2. We will create the keyword profiles and maintain the directory on the WhatsapPA system database. 

3. You will monitor the groups that you administrate and you will trigger the WhatsapPA sms messages whenever there is a request for a service provider on the group.

4. You will call the Users on the following day to establish whether they found the service useful; and if they actually used one of the suggested SPs, how much the job was for and were they satisfied with the SP's level of service.

5. We will give you access to the application that triggers the sms messages automatically.

6. The sms cost are for our account.

Please Whatsapp Paul on 0824993552 for more information.

Banking Details

PGCD Nogueira

Capitec Bank

Branch Code  470010

Acc Number: 1255914384