Howzit Yid

I guess I could have written you a letter and included it in this little parcel of goodies, so that you read it with the tags handy.

But the QR code is an apt alternative under the circumstances.

This explains what's in the pack. 

For bioeye there are 3 different options for use as keyrings:

1. A stainless steel tag with a QR code on one side, logo on the other.

2. A perspex tag, also with a QR code on one side, logo on the other.

3. a plastic key fob with the same QR code and logo, but this option has the additional feature of being tappable - the tag is activated by either scanning the QR code or tapping the key fob with a phone.

I've also included, for interest, a Toyota-branded key fob, a pet tag on the key fob and an estate agency key fob,  all  obviously scannable and tappable.

There is big interest here for the keyring by motor dealerships and estate agencies, who are always on the lookout for branding opportunities - what the keyrings offer that other keyrings don't is utility - both in terms of recovery of keys and in case of emergency. Utility ensures that clients actually use the keyrings, and on keys they're sure to enjoy some exposure ...

And of course there is the possibility of attracting new business via the Spotters Fee concept that is thrown into the mix...

Cheers - let me know how you want to proceed.